We provide a variety of auditing services across a range of industry sectors including:

Certification Audits:

Certification auditing is a formal process whereby the organisation engages a certification body to conduct an independent system review and implementation audit against one (or more) of the international standards and (if compliant) grants the organisation certification to that standard. We work with a number of certification bodies as auditors to conduct these certification audits.

Second Party:

Second party audits occur when an organisation directly engages an external consultant / auditor to verify that their system is being implemented, maintained and used as intended. This is a much less formal process than certification auditing and allows the auditor (if needed) to provide advice and direction on aspects of the management system. We provide second party auditing to a broad range of clients across a number of industry sectors for Quality (ISO9001), Safety (ISO45001, AS4801 & BSOHS18001), Environmental (ISO14001) and Information Technology (ISO27001) management systems.