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Our core expertise at QMIS is to assess, develop and successfully implement tailored solutions or programs that lead or support the delivery of sustainable outcomes. They may be project-specific or part of an organisational system.


Project Management

Keeping your projects on schedule, on strategy and on budget requires adept, experienced project managers who can juggle all facets of working in the structure of your organisation. These include timeliness, understanding issues and a commitment to quality. We can prepare and implement a comprehensive project management plan that becomes the key driver for strategic management.


QMIS provides a range of sustainability advice and sustainable development services at corporate and project level to both the public and private sectors. We can provide assistance from environmental assessments and auditing, energy and carbon foot-printing through to carbon management and integrating sustainable business practices into policies, strategies, products, services and processes. We believe that a strong environmental, social and governance strategy delivers significant value to businesses.

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Strategic Planning

In addressing the critical factors that contribute to the success of a project, strategic planning embraces a wide range of goals and processes. Starting with the final outcome, or big-picture strategy, we may map out processes, assess policies, procedures, instructions and feedback, and navigate through issues, technical challenges and approvals to meet the requirements of the project. Strategic planning is applied at all levels for any size project and may include procedures, scheduling, programming, commercial controls, performance measures and accountabilities that enable tangible evidence of performance or risk areas.

Management and Systems Development

Management and systems development for new or restructured systems may include a wide range of assessment, recommendation and implementation procedures. These include auditing existing systems, gap analysis, developing new or altered structures, training and feedback analysis. The systems developed can be tailored to meet a specific standard (e.g., ISO9001, ISO45001,  ISO14001, ISO27001 etc.) or contract requirements.

Identifying and achieving baseline requirements for certification and meeting Occupational Health and Safety compliance requirements are crucial. We have experience in helping companies meet appropriate quality ISO9001, safety ISO45001, OHSAS18001 & AS/NZS4801, environmental ISO14001 and information security management ISO27001 system requirements.


Auditing is a systematic review process of objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine compliance with a set of criteria. For example, a standard, a process or a contract. When we conduct an audit the outcomes are communicated in both a written report and verbally. Auditing services may be project-specific, to assess certain conditions or issues, or a general review across a company to identify areas of non-compliance and potential improvements.

First, Second or Third Party Auditing

Audits should be conducted to determine an organisation’s or project’s level of compliance with requirements. These requirements may be contractual, industry and / or international standards for example Quality ISO9001, Safety ISO45001, Environmental ISO14001 and Information Security Management ISO27001. The findings from the audits should assist in assessing the effectiveness or otherwise of the management system or controls implemented in the organisation or project and the identification of opportunities for improvement.

Risk Management

A solid risk management plan enables you to enhance safety, meet regulatory compliance standards and make decisions appropriate to the long-term.Risk management provides strategies, processes and tools to assess and monitor all processes and procedures, from inception through training and implementation. We can evaluate risks, determine and implement appropriate control measures, and provide feedback and follow-through. Specific projects might include contractual compliance, scheduling, staffing or correct environmental assessment.

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Environmental Management and Planning Services

Early identification of environmental and planning risks associated with any project are the key to managing a project’s environmental impacts. Processes and procedures implemented as early as possible ensure full understanding of legal and company responsibilities and accountability. They also ensure that stakeholder concerns are addressed and minimized. Our services may include complete assessment, developing an organisational environmental system, strategies for specific issues, responsibilities, training and compliance.

Training Development and Delivery

An essential component of streamlining existing policies and procedures or implementing new systems, training ensures that correct and consistent messages are provided to staff and when necessary passed through to other project stakeholders. As appropriate, we can conduct training needs analyses and develop formal and informal training programs. Depending on the size and impact of the project, we may develop a training matrix that allows visibility of the types, levels, outcomes and suggested attendance of the training programs. We then provide experienced professionals to ensure that key messages and strategies are understood and implemented through comprehensive training.

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