Safety Management

Our experienced consultants and auditors can help you to develop, implement and maintain your unique ISO45001 safety system for certification.

Workplace related death and injuries continue to occur far too frequently.  With the release of the new internationally recognised safety standard,

ISO45001:2018.  Organisations globally will be able to develop a management system that demonstrates to their workers, customers and the relevant authorities, that they are serious about workplace safety and have processes in place to manage the hazards and risk associated with the activities.

ISO45001 places a greater emphasis on an organisation’s leadership and management team to be proactively involved in the development and implementation of the management system.  For example they will need to demonstrate their participation as well as that of their workers in the development of the system and controls developed.

ISO45001 is structured in the same way as ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 so integrations with existing systems is somewhat simplified.

If your system is presently certified to AS/NZS4801 or  OHSAS18001.  These certification will likely expire on or before March 2021 and you will not be able to get re-certified to those standards as they will be retired.

Contact us and we can assist with identifying any gaps and preparing for the new certification.

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