Quality Management

What is a Quality Management System?

Our experienced consultants and auditors can help you to develop, implement and maintain your unique ISO9001 quality system for certification.

ISO 9001 details what a quality management system is and what it needs to include.  It can be used companies and organisations of any size and in any field.  It is probably the most recognised standard with over a million companies and organisations all over the globe certified to ISO 9001.

The main reason to implement a quality management is ensure your products or service meet or exceed your customer requirements, while reducing reworks and improving efficiencies.

ISO9001 is based on a number of  which are explained in more detail in ISO’s quality management principles.

We can help...

Why use QMIS? You should choose us because we will help:

Identify Risk Factors

Our consultants work with you to identify the quality risk factors and opportunities specific to you and your customers.  Then we ensure the system is aligned to the ISO9001 requirements and accurately describes your approach and objectives.

Retain and expand your customer base

While its always great to bring in new customers.  Keeping your existing customers happy should be a primary focus.  An effectively implemented Quality Management System, based on ISO9001, will improve efficiency, be easy to maintain and lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.  Once certified to ISO9001, potential new customers know you are serious about their requirements and the quality of your products and services.

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