Audits should be conducted to determine an organisation’s or project’s level of compliance with requirements. These requirements may be contractual, industry and / or international standards for example ISO 9001 or ISO14001. The findings from the audits should assist in assessing the effectiveness or otherwise of the management system or controls implemented in the organisation or project and the identification of opportunities for improvement.

There are basically three types of audit –

First party, commonly referred to as Internal – these audits are usually conducted by, but sometimes or on behalf of, the organisation / project,

Second party – these audits are conducted by an organisation’s customers on the organisations performance and compliance to requirements. The customer organisation may do these them-selves or engage an independent party to conduct the audits on their behalf, and

Third party – these audits are conducted by external independent organisations, usually referred to as Certification Bodies. Third Party audits test an organisation’s compliance to requirements such as ISO 9001 or ISO14001.

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